Phosphatières du Cloup d’Aural

Phosphatière Feature Image

The Phosphatières du Cloup d’Aural is a little over 10 minutes away from the Ancienne Auberge outside the village of Bach.

It is well worth a visit that includes a guided tour of one of the open-cast mines in the region. The tour covers how the landscape was formed, the climatic changes and the animals that lived in the region as well as a history of phosphate mining that took place towards the end of the 19th century. The descent into the mine is particularly refreshing on a hot day!

After the tour visitors can take time out to stroll through the grounds. Children are catered for with treasure hunts based on the animals that lived in the area throughout time.

There is a small shop and display area as well as an area to chill out under the trees.

How to get there

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